Nothing Is More Tragic Than Human Aging

I am attempting to help hasten the defeat of aging. Here is my progress update for August 2017.

I keep posting links and information to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Steemit, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, and so forth. I keep posting videos to YouTube that are related to radical life extension and defeating aging.

I started promoting with Twitter Ads my Patreon and one of my short books, Radical Life Extension. My book Radical Life Extension is available on Amazon. I am seeing some results with this, but I want to see even more results with these Twitter Ads.

I keep encouraging politicians to increase funding for organizations like SENS Research Foundation, Buck Institute, and Life Extension Advocacy Foundation. I mostly do this on Twitter. I encourage you to do this as well. If I ever have a chance to do so in person, I will do this as well. I hope you do the same.

Never forget that nothing is more tragic than aging. Aging ends more lives than anything else. Aging ends about 100,000 human lives each day! If you have not already, read the book Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs that Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime. Encourage people that you know, and those that you can speak to openly to read the book Ending Aging. We must raise awareness that defeating aging is both feasible and desirable.

If you shop on Amazon, go to and configure Amazon to donate .5% of your eligible purchases to SENS Research Foundation. Amazon Smile donates have a percentage of your eligible purchases to the nonprofit of your choosing. Have your donations help to hasten the defeat of aging.

On Reddit, I encourage you to contribute in meaningful ways to /r/longevity, /r/SENS, /r/GrassrootsLongevity, and /r/cryonics.

Please support me on Patreon if you do not already. I will continue to try to help people overcome pro-aging mindsets. I will continue to try to increase grassroots support for defeat aging. I will  keep Tweeting to legislators and politicians. I will keep writing about radical life extension. I will persist until we see the defeat of aging happen. Defeating aging is both feasible and desirable, and as a society we must dedicate enough resources, time, and energy to the worthwhile cause of seeing aging defeated.