Rejuvenation Biotechnologies May Help to Increase Human Longevity

Aging is tragic. It will be good if aging is eliminated. Aging kills huge numbers of humans each day and each year. Rejuvenation technologies may now have the potential to increase that amount of potentially healthy human longevity that individuals will be able to experience here on Earth.

Human Longevity is a company that might help to stop aging. SENS Research Foundation is an organization that might help to stop aging.

Aging does relate to theological matters. Death relates to theological matters with regards to what happens after one dies. Aging causes death. In this way, death and aging are related to theological issues.

It might be a fairly common objection that since God will provide for and take care of issues related to life after death then stopping aging is bad or undesirable. However, this does not seem to be good reasoning ultimately. If this were the case then it also seems that it might be undesirable to even try and stop diseases that are distinctly separate from aging processes.

Hopefully more individuals will attempt to join the crusade against aging. Hopefully more young adults will attempt to study subjects at universities that will enable them to conduct and engage in research that is related to radical life extension technologies.

Hopefully more individuals will read the book Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime. Hopefully more individuals will critically examine the issues of aging and death. Hopefully more individuals will donate to SENS Research Foundation. Hopefully it will not be difficult to invest in and share in the fruits of the company Human Longevity.

It is difficult to tell for certain what might occur in the future. Hopefully all humans on Earth will live long lives of prosperity and abundance. It seems that it will more likely than not be good if aging can be stopped and abolished. Hopefully all individuals on Earth can experience greater amounts of healthy, productive and enjoyable human longevity.