What’s in Store for 2014

What’s in store for myself and Do Nothing Media in 2014? I’ll let you know now here. I am a social entrepreneur and Do Nothing Media and myself have a triple bottom line. This triple bottom line includes people, planet and profit.

Attempting to benefit humanity includes things like helping to reduce poverty and/or helping individuals to experience more abundance and prosperity. Benefiting our planet includes things like not polluting and/or donating a portion of profits to worthwhile and trustworthy ecological related charities. Profit of course is what all businesses seek so that they can be sustainable.

More articles will be published that are related to life enrichment and experiencing happiness. Specifically these may relate to social justice, having success, earning money, biomedical and other types of technology, emotional well-being and more.

More books related to life enrichment, good living and well-being will become available. Specifically, these may be about psychological well-being, novel nascent technologies and more.

More videos related to improving our individual selves and human society as a whole will be published. These will likely have similar focuses as the books and articles that will be published this year; however, they will likely approach the topics from a slightly to significantly different angle.

My goal is to help direct a successful business while also helping benefit all humans in a multitude of ways.

Eventually, it will be ideal if we can donate a significant proportion of profits to charities.

The purpose that I embrace and of Do Nothing Media is to help all humans experience significantly more happiness and to help all humans experience happiness. Hopefully this goal will be successfully achieved sooner rather than later. This will likely be achieved much sooner if in addition to freedom and liberty, all humans on Earth attempt to embrace as much personal responsibility as humanly possible.

What else might you like to see from myself and Do Nothing Media in 2014?