A Random Arrangement of Possibly Good Ideas

Everything is an idea. Here are some ideas that might be relevant for the present time. Be honest and virtuous in life. Do not break laws. Change laws if they seem unjust or useless. Honesty is a good policy. Lying and unlawful behavior are ways to potentially be in trouble. It is no fun being in trouble. Therefore, honesty and law abiding behavior is best.

Be creative in life. Creativity is good and often enjoyable. Creativity can be a way to enjoy life. One can earn money from creativity. One can make and sell art. Art can be a good way to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Hopefully, more humans on this Earth will be creative more often. Video is a great medium to use to exercise creativity. Many cell-phones have video recorders. Some smart-phones even have high-definition video recorders.

Photography can be an enjoyable hobby. Photography is a form of art, and it can be an enjoyable hobby to partake in. It can be done fairly in expensively, or it can be an extremely expensive hobby. Astrophotography, for example, can be one of the most expensive hobbies to have, perhaps. Photography can capture moments on to digital or physical film. Photography can capture emotions, ideas, or events. That is certainly not an all inclusive list of what photography can do. There can be a mixture of creativity and technical expertise in photography. So, perhaps more individuals should learn about photography and practice taking photographs that can then be shared with other humans on this Earth.

Buy all natural and organic foods, perhaps. It is perhaps worthy buying all natural and organic food. Organic and all natural food can perhaps taste better. It is perhaps healthier than non-organic unnatural food. It can be satisfying to buy, eat, and cook all natural organic food. Organic food does not use pesticides. All natural food does not contain anything that is not natural, as the name suggests. Doing this will perhaps make this Earth a little bit better.

Abolish psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery exists because involuntary psychiatric treatment and the insanity defense exist. Psychiatric slavery is an injustice and should be abolished. Involuntary treatment and the insanity defense should be abolished. They are unjust. Freedom and personal responsibility are values that should be emphasized in society. Freedom without personal responsibility is not good or optimal, it seems. Hopefully, these miscellaneous ideas will be enjoy and useful for many humans to read.