We Need Do Nothing

We need do nothing. You need do nothing. I need do nothing.This is about some reflections on A Course In Miracles.
We need do nothing does not mean that we should do nothing, nor that we must do nothing, but simply that we can do nothing.
God ultimately has everything taken care of.
We need do nothing is a statement about trusting God.We need do nothing is Truth with a capital T.
In Section 24 in The Manual For Teachers, A Course In Miracles states that Heaven is here and now. How can this be?
How can Heaven be here and now? How can we already be in Heaven?
God has our backs. The Holy Spirit has our backs.
We can place all our Trust in God.
We should attempt to have Earth be as Heaven like as possible.
The idea that we need do nothing is an idea that can help to relieve us of stress and worry.
The idea that you need do nothing does not mean that you should do nothing. This idea is meant to bind you to Heavenly realms and release you from the stress of Earthly and Worldly realms.
In accordance with A Course In Miracles, everything that does not reflect the reality of Heaven is ultimately illusions.
A Course In Miracles does not deny how real we can make illusions seem.