Suicide as a Social Problem

Suicide is a social problem. To simply treat it as a medical problem resulting from a broken brain is dehumanizing and probably makes suicide as a problem worse. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right. Locking adults who attempt to engage in suicide up in psychiatric wards against their explicit desires probably makes the problem worse.

Suicides still happen despite the prohibitions against them. However, many individuals are less likely to seek help knowing that being locked up in a psychiatric ward against their expressed desires is a possibility. This is one of the truly tragic components of modern societies.

Suicide is roughly the tenth most common cause of death among adults. The other nine or so causes before suicide are quite worthy of trying to overcome. We should attempt to stop causes of death like heart attacks, strokes, organ failure, cancer and so forth. Despite ending lives less often than other tragic phenomenon, suicide is a worthwhile thing to try and overcome as a species as well.

Suicide is different from most of the other reasons humans die. With suicide there is a willful infliction of bodily trauma of various sorts. There is a motivation and an act with suicide. Poor choices and habits can lead to causes of death like cancers and heart attacks. However, most causes of death do not have a conscious intention attached to them like suicide does.

Suicides are tragic. Creating a life worth living is possible. It is possible to tolerate emotional distress until the emotional distress can be reduced. However, no adult should be forced to keep living on Earth. It is morally wrong to force adults to live on Earth. Hopefully all adults will be able to figure out ways to create a life worth living. Hopefully no adult will want to engage in suicide. Hopefully living on Earth can be that wonderful for all adults so that no adults are motivated to engage in suicide.

I truly believe that it will be easier to see no suicides happening on Earth if societies stop coercing, forcing, confining and oppressing adults who attempt to engage in suicide and/or who signal a likely true intention to engage in suicide.

Suicide is a serious issue. I am motivated to write about suicide because I want to see no suicides happening. I want to see Earth as being such a great place to live for all adults so that no adults feels motivated to engage in suicide. I would personally prefer to not feel motivated to write, think or talk about the problem; and I will feel that way when I see that there are no suicides happening each year on Earth. However, until Earth becomes a much better place to live where individuals are offered more authentically useful help to solve problems, suicides will likely not stop happening. Help should be forced upon no adult.