By Becoming a Doctor One Can Truly Help Others

It seems that one can truly help others by finishing premed requirements in the becoming a doctor. Doctors help those who broken bones to heal. Doctors can help those who have infections become disinfected. Perhaps all drugs should be legalized, and doctors should not have to be the gateway to potentially injurious substances. However, because of the way the law and society are currently set up, doctors are the gateway to many substances that can be used to rid oneself of disease. Certain things like surgical skills one can become better at through medical training.

Because of the way society is currently set up, studying premed requirements and thereby being able to potentially become a doctor is perhaps quite a worthwhile endeavor. The classes required to become a doctor can be difficult and hard, but the rewards can make the hard work worthwhile it seems.

Certain things, like researching vaccines seem especially worthwhile. Additionally, attempting to cure those diseases and ills that afflict the most humans also seem especially worthwhile. Medical school can be competitive it seems. However, that should not stop one from following their dreams. Difficult goals are worth striving for.

Perhaps everyone cannot become a doctor. However it seems that there’s even a reported shortage of doctors right now, so it seems that many of those who do want to become doctors should be able to. There are many different places that one can go to medical school. One could go to medical school in the tropics. One could probably find a medical school by a ski resort if one wanted to.

The medical professions can be lucrative. In one sense they sort of have a monopoly on the healing market, it seems. And if one finishes premed requirements, and decides that they would rather do something else, they will likely have a good foundation to do whatever is that one chooses.

The point here is, that one can truly help others by becoming a doctor potentially. And therefore, finishing the necessary premed requirements, and putting in the necessary time and hard work can be worthwhile, it seems.