Coercive Psychiatric Practices Are Not Right

Coercive psychiatric practices are not right. Civil commitment and the insanity defense are the foundations which enable coercive psychiatric practices. Coercive psychiatric practices should be outlawed. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later.

Psychiatry is not real medicine. Neurology is real medicine. Psychiatry is pretend medicine. Real medicine treats real diseases that are objectively real. Pretend medicine treats metaphorical diseases that are not literally real. Coercive psychiatry should be illegal. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. More individuals should read books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote. More individuals should donate money to The Citizen’s Commission On Human Rights, a group that Thomas Szasz co-founded. Civil commitment and the insanity defense should be outlawed.

Civil commitment and the insanity defense are the foundation of psychiatric slavery. The insanity defense is a sort of false mercy, it seems. The insanity defense and civil commitment together create and enable psychiatric slavery. This is unfortunate.

Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, who passed in 2012, had stated the current objective truth that there are no objective medical tests for supposed mental disorders. Who would deny that there are chemicals in the brain and hence there is brain chemistry? Of course brain chemistry exists. However, just because someone behaves in inappropriate ways or experiences distressing emotions, does not mean that they have a brain disorder.

If someone does have a real brain disorder, then it seems that they should likely go see a neurologist. If someone is experiencing a distressing moral or ethical problem, it does not mean that a brain disorder is present. Priests do not cure brain disorders, neurologists do. Yet, if a Catholic goes through the sacrament of confession, and they feel better afterwards, it does not mean that the priest or God has cured the absolved Catholic’s neurological brain disorder, even though the chemistry in the brain may have changed in ways that science cannot currently explain in great detail. Coercive psychiatry practices are not right or ethical. When will humans muster enough collective political will to finally put a stop to civil commitment and related coercive psychiatric practices?