Contribute to Peace on Earth

More humans should attempt to contribute to peace on Earth. There are many ways to potentially do this. It is good to be virtuous. Being virtuous can perhaps help to contribute to peace on Earth. It is good to be kind. It is good to seek wisdom and truth. All of this could help to bring more peace to Earth, and all humans on Earth should live peacefully. More humans should learn about methods of self-defense since successful self-defense may deter actions contrary to peace. More humans should practice Aikido. Aikido is a good art. More humans should practice Taichi, too.

All peaceful humans deserve to be perfectly happy and that goes along with peace on Earth. Owning guns can be and legal method of self-defense for some individuals. Kindness is good and can contribute to peace. Judo can be an enjoyable game to watch and a good method of self-defense. Humans should take more personal responsibility for their own life situations to the greatest degree possible. It seems like all of that could contribute some to peace.

It is good to have inner and outer peace. Inner peace is feelings of calm, contentment, well-being and elation. Outer peace is harmonious relations between individuals, political entities, nature and all beings in all the universes. It is good when crime rates are low in any and every location. Hopefully fewer individuals will commit crimes and hopefully more individuals will be caught and punished for crimes that trespass against just laws. Hopefully unjust laws will be repealed, also, since that seems like it could contribute to more peace on Earth.

There are many ways to contribute to peace on Earth. Having more peace on Earth would be quite good. It can feel good to contribute to there being a peaceful state of affairs. Peace is possible. Peace is so much more enjoyable than war. Self defense is good. Taichi and Aikido are good. Taichi is good to practice. Aikido is good to practice. It is good to learn self-defense. More humans should practice Aikido and/or Taichi. Using self-defense in situations calling for it can be a fruitful reaction, and can contribute to peace. Aikido and Taichi seem to compliment each other quite well.

It can be good to know how to defend and against knife and gun attacks. Everyone should try to make Earth more peaceful. Legally owning a gun can be good for some. Self defense can be good. No one should be harmed against their will. All humans should attempt to contribute to peace on Earth.