Cryonics Is One of Many Cool Inventions

Human cryopreservation is where a legally dead human is frozen so that they can possibly be revived at a later time. This is relatively new technology, and can be expensive to implement. Hopefully this technology will become more prevalent. Human aging is an unfortunate. Cryonic technology can perhaps be thought of as a type of life extension technology.

Life extension is good, and hopefully more radical life extension related research will take place. Hopefully cryonics will develop into a mature technology sooner rather than later. Hopefully methods of reviving humans who have undergone cryopreservation will be developed sooner rather than later. It seems that everyone  can do something to try and make this  happen faster, and it seems the more individuals that try to support and/or conduct research related to this, the faster the technologies may likely be developed and created.

Hopefully more public funding will go towards this type of potentially high risk research. The nice thing about high risk research is that successful results can pay large dividends. Ways of colonizing other planets may be needed if this sort of technology is successful. This sort of technology has the potential to help greatly increase the number of humans who are alive, and thereby greatly increase the human populations. It does seem true that these are just potentials right now.

However, potential technologies are often worth devoting time and energy to, and also planning for even far away in the future can sometimes be quite useful and beneficial. Cryonic technology is good. It seems like it might be a potential that a for-profit company could go into the business of human cryopreservation. This could perhaps allow for a mass adoption of the technology. That would be good. Additionally, it seems that whomever were to run such a company could have the potential to become quite wealthy. Wealth can be a good thing. So this technology could make many individuals wealthy potential.

This technology may be developed faster if more individuals conduct and/or support research related to this technology. Life extension is good. Cryonics is one of the many cool inventions that has been developed recently, that has the potential to greatly increase the human life expectancy, and hopefully it will become more popular as time moves forward on Earth.