Developing Radical Life Extension Technologies Might Be Possible

Using science to create workable methods of radical life extension may be possible. Aging is tragic and bad because it kills humans. More individuals should read the book Ending Aging. Aging is tragic and unfortunate. Death is unfortunate, it seems. Hopefully human aging will abolished, stopped and reversed sooner rather than later.

Hopefully all diseases can be eradicated from Earth. Age related diseases are just as unfortunate as other types of diseases, it seems. Hopefully humans will be able to live indefinitely sooner rather than later. Aging is quite tragic and bad. Hopefully more individuals will philosophically support and donate money to the organization SENS Research Foundation. It is unfortunate that aging and death exist because aging and death are ultimately tragic in certain ways.

Aging should be abolished. More individuals should donate money to The SENS Research Foundation. Aging should be eliminated. It is perhaps good to donate money to or utilize the services of The Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Hopefully more individuals will utilize radical life extension technologies. There are many reasons why aging should be abolished, it seems.

Hopefully aging will be stopped sooner rather than later. It will be good when the organization SENS Research Foundation is successful, it seems. Aging should be stopped and abolished, it seems. Hopefully more young adults will learn about and study the needed knowledge so as to be able to conduct research related to radical life extension technologies and regenerative medicine.

More individuals should support efforts to stop and reverse aging. More governments should help to fund research related to regenerative medicine and radical life extension, it seems. Hopefully human aging will be stopped, reversed and abolished sooner rather than later. Aubrey de Grey is quite an intelligent individual, it seems. Aging is bad and tragic, just like infectious disease. Successfully developing radical life extension technologies ultimately seems to be desirable and also may be quite possible, scientifically and theoretically.