Does Mental Breakdown Exist?

Here, it shall be pondered if mental breakdown exists. A tiny bit similarly, psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz has asked if mental illness exists. Mental breakdown implies there is something to break. Mental is of the mind. Breakdown is broken. Can the mind be broken? The mind is intangible. Arguably, it cannot exist. Human behaviors can be counter-productive, and the mind can probably choose to give up on trying to solve problems and/or engaging in legal behaviors. The mind seems to be something abstract and intangible. It may be separate from the brain, arguably. So therefore, in this respect, it seems that it can be argued that mental breakdown does not exist.

If there is something physically wrong with the brain, then it seems like it should be something that a neurologist should try to fix. If someone feels horrible and is overwhelmed by life, it seems that it is something that ones own self must fix. One must attempt to solve their own problems. Mental breakdown then seems like it is a metaphor. If there are problems in life that cause distress, then those problems must be solved. If someone feels horrible because of problems in their life, their brain may be chemically in a state that is creating the feeling of feeling bad. However, if you were able to change the chemicals in the brain, it does not mean that the problem will go away. It is not the brain chemicals that acting as the original source of the feeling. It is the situation or problem that is the original source of the feeling. Therefore, it seems it is the problem that must be solved in order for one to feel better, and not feel like they are at risk of having a mental breakdown. If it is a legal problem, then perhaps one should contact the police or a lawyer. If it is a real estate problem it seems someone should contact someone who specializes in real estate, a banker, or perhaps a lawyer. If one needs advice or outside input to attempt to solve a problem, one should seek advice from an expert in the area that is relevant to the advice, it seems. Mental breakdown never has to happen, it seems, especially since it is a metaphor, and arguably doesn’t literally even exist at all. 🙂