Formal Education Can Be Good

Education can be fruitful. Obtaining an education can be enjoyable, fruitful and useful. It would be good if poverty were eliminated. Obtaining an education can perhaps help to eliminate poverty. Education can be quite a lofty endeavor. It can be hard to earn a degree. To do so, one should never give up. One should always keep working towards goals.

Obtaining a formal education can be useful. If one is going to work towards obtaining an undergraduate degree, some research can be useful in determining what field one should study. Doing research to find out which undergraduate degrees on average pay the most and the least can be quite fruitful. Undergraduate degrees in fields like compute, aerospace and petroleum engineering will tend to pay the most over time and degrees like those in the social sciences will tend to pay the least. Specific research on the subject is available if one seeks it out. Money is perhaps not the most important factor that one should consider when attempting to decide what sort of undergraduate degree to work towards, but it is likely at least somewhat important since money can certainly contribute to how comfortable one’s life may be.

Students should study hard. It can take lots of discipline to focus. Studying hard can be useful and fruitful. Statistics can sometimes be a useful subject to have studied. Psychology can be an interesting subject to study. Human motivation can be quite interesting. Obtaining an education can pay off significantly. Hopefully more individuals on Earth will have good access to higher education in the future.

Hopefully more individuals will become educated so that they can become doctors or research technologies like radical life extension, plasma arc gasification, cryonics and/or faster than light travel. There are many ways to become educated. Formal education is one of those ways. It is possible to educate oneself as well. Formal education can be a good way to increase one’s income earning potential. It can also be a good way to gain access to high level research opportunities it seems. A lot of this seems like it is or at least should be common sense.

One can potentially gain valuable contacts through being in an educational setting. One can potentially develop life long relationships through an educational setting. There are many good reasons to obtain a formal education. There are educational institutions in most countries on Earth. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, all humans will be able to read and write in at least one language. One can perhaps always benefit from additional education.