Give Away or Patent Useful Cool Inventions

There are always new things that can be invented. New vaccines could be discovered it seems. It seems like there are always more humans that need help. There is starvation in Africa and other continents. Humans die of thirst on this Earth. There are problems that need solving.

There are new luxury items that could be invented. There are new technologies that could be invented and discovered. New methods of transportation that are more efficient can be developed. There are new dance moves that could be invented. Creativity can be useful in discovering new inventions. There are so many cool inventions that lie dormant in the imaginations of future inventors.

A cool new website could be invented. There potentially new ways that humans could connects to one another. Sketching down ideas can be useful. Journaling about potential inventions and ideas can be useful. It takes dedication to discover new cool inventions.

If one never gives up, then one can reach one’s goals. If one has a goal of inventing something useful, but one gives up before doing so, then one will definitely fail. However, if one does not give up, and if one remains tenacious in attempting to reach one’s goals, then one has a chance of succeeding. Giving up is a sure way to clench failure.

So creativity and dedication can help one to discover new cool inventions. Hard work can pay off. Smart investments can pay off. Creative uses of time can pay off. Collaboration with others can be useful in coming up with new creative and useful ideas.

If one is looking for others to collaborate with, sometimes one must be creative in how one attempts to find others. If one has trouble being creative and one’s goal should be to find ways to be creative if one thinks that being creative will be useful in the process of inventing useful products and ideas.

It is commonly thought that necessity itself is the driving force behind many inventions. If this is the case, then perhaps one should look for what sorts of ideas and products are needed. This is perhaps a good strategy to utilize in attempting to discover useful cool inventions.

It can be good to patent ideas. That’s probably mostly the case when one intends to make money off their invention. Alternatively, one could just give away the creative ideas in hopes that there will be pay off either through satisfaction or other sorts of rewards.