Here Are Some Possibly Good Ideas to Ponder

Here is a set of ideas presented in a somewhat random way. These are perhaps good ideas worth pondering. Support research that attempts to stop and/or reverse aging. Aging should be eliminated, ideally. Some researchers are attempting to abolish and/or reverse the aging process in humans. Some scientists hope that humans can eventually live to 1,000 years or more. One theory is that human aging happens because of accumulated damage to the human body over time. If this accumulated damage can be cleaned up, then perhaps a human will be able to live beyond when they otherwise would be able to. It is hoped that first aging can be stopped or reversed in mice, and then of course these methods would eventually have to be tried on humans to see if they work. This should be done in an ethical and maximally safe way.

Work towards eliminating starvation on Earth. Starvation kills humans. Therefore, attempts should be made to eliminate it. It is unfortunate that any human would die due to lack of food.

The following is perhaps a way to work towards accepting personal responsibility for one’s life as much as possible. To accept personal responsibility for one’s life and one’s situation, perhaps it can either just be a personal decision or perhaps one can at least make a commitment in their mind to accept personal responsibility, and then over time, one can move one’s own mind to a place where one can accept personal responsibility for one’s situation.

Algal oil, peace, strategy, timing, and breathing are all technologies that are pretty alright. Here are some possibly random semi-nonsensical questions. How long till the Earth quiets down? How long until humans stop dying of thirst and hunger? How long until humans stop dying from disease? The big secret is that there is no secret. The Earth is a mess and humans are going about fixing it in an fairly disorganized fashion. This question is about anonymous contributors online. Are their contributions valuable? Why would someone choose to be anonymous online?

Psychiatric slavery is wrong. Chattel slavery was wrong and immoral. So is psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery is the same as involuntary psychiatric treatment. Involuntary psychiatric treatment should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. Hopefully these semi-random thoughts and questions will be useful for some humans to ponder.