Here Are Some Possibly Wise Ideas to Ponder

Abolish psychiatric slavery. Support cryonics life extension research. Abolish involuntary civil commitment. Abolish the insanity defense. Legalize polygamy. Legalize all drugs may be. Promote freedom and democracy. Promote personal responsibility too. Support high-risk research. Utilize aquaponics. Support vertical farming. Be kind to others. Do not break laws. Attempt to change unjust laws. Attempt to become wise. Get an education perhaps. Help others.

Be creative. Be as generous as possible. Forgive but don’t forget. Enjoy life. Enjoy the company of others. Never give up on reaching goals. Possibly change goals when appropriate. Learn as much as possible. Work hard and play hard. Retire early if possible. Set lofty goals. Do not do activities or behaviors that are excessively dangerous or risky. The a prolific writer perhaps. Support space exploration technologies. Invest wisely. Create value for others. Find a way to be paid for creating value. Try to be healthy, attractive, and beautiful. Try to make this Earth a beautiful place to live.

Sleep neither too much nor too little perhaps. Do not overeat. Do not drink too much alcohol. Do not smoke cigarettes. To enjoyable activities like scuba diving, learning to fly, or traveling lots. Keep a clean house. The respectful to others. It is good to respect one’s own self. Do not litter. Do not pollute The Earth. Maybe make a music video. The artistic perhaps. Enjoy life as much as possible. There are many good ideas. There is an unlimited limited amount of potential ideas to think about.

Develop skills. Become good at something. It almost does not matter what as long as it is legal. Help others less fortunate. The patient perhaps. Elation is perhaps a good emotion. Smiling is enjoyable quite often and is good. Become wealthy but do not be greedy. Conduct research perhaps. Live a long healthy life if possible. Enable others to live a long and healthy life if possible. The as efficient as possible. Enjoy the process and journey of life perhaps.