Here Is a Thought of the Day About Freedom

Freedom is good. However, freedom without personal responsibility is not so good. Without accepting personal responsibility for one’s actions, individuals are more likely to do foolish or wasteful things it seems. If everyone took personal responsibility for one’s actions, this Earth would be a better place to live. Hopefully more individuals will put a greater emphasis on personal responsibility in the future.

Freedom is great, and some nations are not free enough. Some nations are free enough, but they have de-emphasized personal responsibility while possibly putting too great an emphasis on freedom. This seems problematic and short sighted, unfortunately. Economies may become better once more individuals accept as much responsibility for their own lives and actions as possible. Life can be more enjoyable when one embraces both freedom and personal responsibility.

One can perhaps become more prosperous and experience more abundance in life when one embraces both liberty and personal responsibility. Also, it would be good if involuntary psychiatric treatment, civil commitment and the insanity defense were abolished. This would promote the virtues exposed in this article it seems.

Additionally, legalizing all drugs would seem to promote the virtues exposed in this article. Of course, those who are unjustly violent towards others (not using physical force to defend oneself, family or property) or who commit property crimes should be punished. However, if one is not hurting anyone else, then one’s freedom should not be impinged upon.

Humans should be allowed to make mistakes and foolish actions. However, it also seems that education about safety and making good decisions should be available, too. It would seem good if everyone took it upon their own self to make good decisions. Hopefully this thought of the day about freedom will be useful and interesting to read, while possibly also helping humans to embrace accepting more personal responsibility to the greatest degree possible.