Human Aging Is Tragic and Unfortunate

Human aging results in death. Hopefully aging will be stopped sooner than later. Few seem to recognize human aging, in general, as tragic and unfortunate. However many do seem to recognize loss of those that they care about as unfortunate. Losing those that one cares about is frequently a result of human aging. Hopefully more humans on Earth will try to help stop human aging; there are many ways to try and help with this effort.

If human aging can be stopped then loss of those that one cares about may not have to happen nearly as often. More individuals should read the book Ending Aging. Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae wrote the book. More individuals should donate money to SENS Research Foundation; it is an organization that is heavily affiliated with Aubrey de Grey.

Calico and Human Longevity Inc. are two businesses that might help stop human ending. They might be good businesses to try and invest in. If aging is stopped, then humans will have at least about 90 years before any human on Earth reaches the age of 200 years. This will be a lot of time to try and alleviate any and all potential problems (of any significance) that might arise from stopping human aging.

Hopefully more young adults will attempt to learn the knowledge required to engage in biomedical research that might be able to stop and end human aging. Knowledge and technologies related to biomedical gerontology and regenerative medicine may be able to become advanced enough that they can be used to allow and enable humans to live indefinitely. It seems that there is no proof that such theoretical technologies cannot be developed.

Hopefully more individuals will recognize aging in general as tragic and unfortunate. In the past, when the state of human technological advancement was not where it is today, such a view might have been useless. Now that human technological advancement is where it is currently, viewing human aging in general as tragic and unfortunate may be useful, in that viewing aging in this way may help motivate and energize one to try and help stop it.