Interesting Science In The News Today

Here are some links to various stories of science in the news. New scientific discoveries and inventions are made just about everyday, it seems like.

Scientists have reportedly developed graphene super-paper that is ten times strong than steel. This could have lots of different uses. There could be uses in aerospace, automobiles, and other technologies it seems.

Affordable LED light bulbs may soon be coming to a store near you. This could perhaps help The United States ween itself off fossil fuels. Every little bit helps. A bunch of small changes add up to large amounts of change.

A new technology may allow for the storage of gigawatt amounts of power. This could make renewable energy more viable and help end our dependence on fossil fuel, which is often bought from unfriendly regimes.

Enjoy these. 🙂 Use the contact page to send in more tips about interesting science in the news.