Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is a spiritual and metaphysical option for humans because God is all powerful. We need do nothing because God has our backs. That we need do nothing is a metaphysical Truth. A Course In Miracles (ACIM) has a nice section about how we need do nothing.

I need do nothing. You need do nothing. We need do nothing. This does not mean that we should do nothing or that we must do nothing, but just that we may do nothing. That we need do nothing is a statement about having absolute faith in God.

Having faith in God can help one to experience peace. Part of what makes ACIM so beautiful is that it accepts all faiths and it does not condemn. ACIM can help one to see through and dispel illusions. Doing nothing can be a way to experience a relaxing break from potential unpleasant experiences.

If unpleasant emotions arise, from a metaphysical perspective, some sort of illusion is disturbing one’s peace. Metaphysically and spiritually, unpleasant emotions are not natural, desirable or necessary. This is a statement of metaphysical, spiritual and divine Truth.

We are entitled to miracles. God has the power to be part of everything. God has the power to give miracles to all humans. From a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, sadness, worry and fear are not necessary or useful. God has the power to easily establish Heaven in this Universe.

We need do nothing. However, we can do some things. We should work towards establishing Heaven in this Universe and on Earth. Sometimes doing nothing may be the best way to help establish Heaven on Earth and in this Universe. Have faith in God that he wants to see Heaven established on Earth and in this Universe.

Strangely enough, ACIM states that we are already in Heaven now. Illusions are unnecessary. Doing nothing is sometimes a decent course of action to state. Doing nothing is sometimes just what is needed. For indeed, we need do nothing. It will be quite good once Heaven is established on Earth and in this Universe.