On Theology

Is the bible true? Yes? No?

Is there a God?

What happens when we die?

Is it nice to know answers to these questions?

Is Islam true?

I don’t get Islam.

In my opinion, in my faith, the Bible seems to be the truest, sort of.

If Jesus was a liar, that would be ridiculous.

If Jesus was mad, then he was trusting his mother and father (how Freudian, yah?) and his mother was lying (or mad)… she father was lying to protect his father. So Joseph might have given the power to the delusions if Jesus was mad and then everyone else was lying or deceived. But still, what a beautiful thing Joseph did then. If this was true at least in part, then Joseph was lying to save a woman and future child from a culture the would have killed them. I might have the story wrong, but I think of it something like that.

However, if Jesus was telling the truth, then miracles of all sorts can happen in ways that we do not understand… literally… so… it makes the story quite wondrous in that regard. That is how things seem to me.

That is just some thoughts… I don’t necessary follow the Bible 100%…