Why More Humans Do Not Eschew Coercion and Force

Those who engage in suicide are the ones most theoretically willing to advocate against the prohibitions against suicides. However, because they have ended their own lives on Earth, they are not present and able to engage in political activism on Earth.

I hope that suicides stop happening and that all humans can create lives worth living for their own selves. It will be good if suicides stop happening. However, coercion and force should not be used to stop adults from engaging in suicide. Only persuasion, kindness, compassion, reason and logic should be used. Although suicide might be morally wrong and undesirable, it should be respected as a civil and human right for adults.

I think that when it is viewed as a human and civil rights issue, in the sense that adults should be able choose what they are going to do with their own body, then more individuals might support the outlawing of the use of force and coercion against adults who want to choose death.

I think that advocating for the outlawing of civil commitment and psychiatric holds can be seen along the lines of being pro-choice. No one who is morally decent believes that abortions are good or desirable, but they generally hold the position that it is a woman’s body and that it is her choice to decide what is inside of it. Perhaps eventually instead of destroying an embryo or fetus, in the future, embryos/fetuses can simply be removed from a woman without damage and then be put into an artificial womb and then adopted out to the adults who are wanting, willing and able to take good care of the human when the time comes. That is a whole different issue though.

I do think that is important to note that it is desirable for there to be no suicides. This strengthens the case against coercion and force because it shows that you are not advocating for suicide, you are simply advocating against the use of coercion and force on adults who have not broken laws. If there are literally no suicides, it is desirable since this means that all humans want to live on Earth and therefore all humans are mostly experiencing emotional well-being; and that is a good thing. Coercion and force should simply not be used to stop adults from engaging in suicide, but only kindness, persuasion and reason.