Pre Med Requirements Are Just Plain Useful

Even if one starts pre med requirements, and then decides going into the medical profession is not for them, the science classes can be useful in all sorts of different fields. If one takes these classes, they can be applied perhaps to engineering, research, and/or many other fields of science. Even if one starts these medical pre requisites, and then decides to go into something like art, they can still be useful. Even if one decides to drop out of college and do something wild, like be a professional surfer, required classes for those pursuing top tier health professions could still be useful, it seems.

Science can be fun. Math can be interesting. Biology can be fascinating. Chemistry can be challenging. These are all good aspects of these classes one might take if they decide they want to be on the path to becoming a doctor. One does not have to stay on this path. One can choose to plot a new course! One can become an artist or a professional surfer and still use this information. The point of writing this is to encourage others to take challenging classes and try to learn as much as possible. Attempting to become a medical professional is a great endeavor, but one is not locked into it if they start taking the classes to do so.

If one is hiking in the woods, knowing about biology can be useful. If one is an artist, knowing about anatomy can be useful. If one becomes a chemical engineering, then knowing about physics and biology, in addition to chemistry can be useful. It might even be required! And chemical engineering seems like it would pay quite well! Pre medicine can lead to all sorts of interesting and well paying fields.

So one should probably follow their heart and do what interests them. Medicine related classes can be quite interested for the scientifically minded. Pre medicine can be useful and interesting; this almost cannot be emphasized enough. Or even if one is not scientifically minded, then these classes could be for them, too. Pre med requirements can be useful no matter what one ultimately does with their life.