Psychiatric Slavery Is Wrong

Chattel slavery was wrong, and psychiatric slavery is also wrong. Psychiatric slavery equates to the insanity defense, involuntary psychiatric treatment, and civil commitment. Proponents of these things argue that the involuntary treatment helps the involuntary client/patient. This may or may not be true. Either way, if someone does not want help, they should not have supposed help forced upon them.

If mental disorders are bodily disorders, which the name does not imply that they are, then their treatment should be voluntary, just like the treatments for broken bones or cancer. However, if mental disorders are psychological as the name implies they are, then they are not medical problems, they are moral, ethical, legal, economic, and social problems, so their treatment should still be voluntary. Involuntary psychiatry is reprehensible, it seems.

More individuals should critically analyze psychiatric and mental health laws to see their injustice. There was a time when many humans thought chattel slavery was moral and alright. Currently, many humans think that psychiatric slavery is alright. The tyranny of the majority does not make something that is ethically and morally wrong alright. The longer that psychiatric slavery exists, the bigger smudge it will leave on human history.

Hopefully these unethical social practices will be ended sooner than later. It is perhaps not surprising that professionals in involuntary psychiatric treatment sectors of society have high rates of on the job assault than many other professions. More individuals should advocate for the abolition of these unethical practices. No one should have psychiatric treatment forced upon them. If humans break laws, then they should be treated criminally.

There are quite a few books that clearly layout the case for the immorality of psychiatric slavery. Thomas Szasz is a doctor and writer who has laid out the case in multiple books quite eloquently and thoroughly. More humans should buy and read it books it seems. So psychiatric slavery, civil commitment, the insanity defense, and involuntary psychiatric treatment should all be abolished.