Retire Early If Possible

Here is a thought of the day to ponder. When one retires, it is sort of like society saying, “Thank you. Good job.”. So, retire early if possible. Attempt to make as big of contribution as possible to society, and attempt to retire as young as possible. There are about an infinite number of possible reasons to want to retire early and young.

Even if one is able to retire young and early, one may choose to still continue to contribute to society. If one does retire early, then one can do with their time what they choose and want. One can relax more when one retires. One has fewer concerns once retired.

Retirement can perhaps be defined as being able to live comfortably without having to work. That is, one has worked, and now one’s basic needs like food, shelter, water, clothing, and even perhaps more than one’s basic needs are met without having to do anything in particular.

One must probably work fairly hard in order to retire early and young. One must make a substantial contribution to society, if one wants to retire early in an honest and ethical way. There are many ways to potentially do this, it seems. Often times, if one retires, one may one to still choose to volunteer their time in many ways. One may still want to provide benefit to society while retired. This is quite possible to do, it seems.

Retirement can likely feel like one has quite a bit of freedom, if one is able to retire. That seems like a good thing. Freedom and flexibility seem good.

So perhaps more individuals should attempt to take on the potential responsibility of finding a way to retire early and young. Of course, if more individuals are able to retire early and young, that does not necessarily mean that more individuals would leave the workforce and stop contributing to society. It could just mean that more individuals would stop feeling pressure and obligation to have to contribute to society. That might not be a bad thing, it seems.

So, hopefully, more individuals will become wealthy, and live in ways that they truly enjoy, find fulfilling, comfortable, and relaxing. So, retire early if possible, perhaps. Please enjoy that thoughtful thought of the day.