Sacredness Is Our Inheritance


Sacredness is our inheritance. My spirituality is heavily influenced by A Course In Miracles, Aikido, Be Here Now, and a variety of different experiences and ideas. All humans have the potential to embrace Truth, sacredness, and that which is divine.

Aikido is a series of movements and ideas. I have practiced Taichi also. I have heard movements of Taichi and Qigong called sacred movements. Qigong is a Chinese word that I understand as meaning, “life energy cultivation”.

Be Here Now is a book that talks about the spiritual use of entheogens. We are biological beings. Entheogens are frequently biological things.

Authentic peace is possible on Earth and in this Universe. More humans should embrace this notion. A Course In Miracles is a book which can help to bring more peace to Earth.

Sacredness is natural. Divinity is our natural state. To not see this is to see illusions. What today will connect you with Truth and what you experience as sacred or divine?