Try Practicing Taichi or Aikido

Practice Taichi or Aikido perhaps. Both of these arts can be used for self-defense and better health it seems. It seems common sense that activities like these can improve health, especially since governments recommend that humans have a certain amount of exercise. One could perhaps receive the exercise benefits for health in many other ways, however, these ways also have a functional component of potentially learning self-defense tactics and skills.

Potential benefits include community, knowledge of self-defense, and physical fitness. There are probably other benefits. Everyone practices these arts for their own unique reasons it seems. That is alright. All humans are different and unique. If one wants to study one of these arts, it seems that ideally, one should try to find an instructor who has practiced one of these arts for as many years as possible. There are plenty of instructors who have practiced these arts for thirty, or forty or more years. Many experienced instructors exist it seems.

One should not tolerate an instructor who tries to treat students abusively or wrongly. One should treat their instructor respectfully, but also an instructor should treat their students respectfully. That is the best way for things to be it seems. Hopefully more humans on this Earth will practice these arts. Perhaps if more humans practiced these disciplines, then there would be more peace on this Earth.

Hopefully, peace will over take the Earth, so that all humans have both internal and external peace in their lives. There are many reasons to practice these arts. One can feel elation and joy while practice these arts it seems. One could even practice them with music perhaps, if the instructor is alright with it.

It can take years to become confident and competent in these arts it seems. The whole learning and skill building process can be enjoyable by itself it seems. So, perhaps practice Aikido or Taichi to experience the many potential benefits that these systems can offer.