Stem Cells In Blood Have Been Isolated

A good scientific discovery was made. A type of stems cell in human blood has been isolated that has the potential to turn into other types of cells in the blood. This is a pure sort of stem cell, it seems, reportedly. This single type of stem cell might be able to regenerate the entire blood system in the human body. This is definitely some good science in the news. These sorts of scientific advancements may help humans to live longer, healthier, more productive lives. This scientific research was conducted in Canada. Support research. Developments like this have the potential to make life better for humans all over the Earth. Research like this might help humans to abolish aging. Disease kills humans, so it is bad. Aging also kills humans, so it may be bad as well, using the same logic. Life can be good, and research like this can help to promote life. Perhaps more individuals should conduct scientific research with stem cells such as this. It might never be late to get a good education and become a researcher and/or scientist. Please also remember to send in tips about good science news. 🙂