Support Efforts to Colonize Extrasolar Planets

Support efforts to colonize extrasolar planets. Science and technology may endow humans with the ability to colonize extrasolar planets. A great deal of research is likely needed so it can become known if it is even possible to develop any sort of faster than light technology that might help humans to travel to other planets in The Universe.

Hopefully more young adults will become passionate about trying to see other planets in this Universe colonized. It will be good when humans start colonizing extrasolar planets. It will be good when interstellar travel becomes feasible. It will be good when humans become able to effectively travel faster than light, through the use of warp drive technology or other means. Warp field theory and warp field mechanics might both be quite good.

Warp drive technology may benefit all of humanity. It will be good if warp drive technology is successfully developed as soon as possible. Perhaps it will never be developed. However, it does seem worthwhile to try. Harold White who is a scientist associated with NASA is conducting research that relates to warp field theory and potentially warp drive technology. Hopefully Harold White will be successful in his endeavors. Hopefully many potentially habitable exoplanets will be discovered sooner, rather than later.

Perhaps eventually, through the use of science and technology, intergalactic travel may be possible for humans to undertake. Hopefully more young adults will attempt to conduct and learn about the high risk research that is necessary to try and find ways that humans might be able to colonize extrasolar planets and even planets in other galaxies. It may be impossible to effectively travel faster than light using warp drives or other means. When humans become able to colonize other planets, then it may help to unleash nearly unimaginable amounts of abundance and prosperity that humans will be able to experience.

Harold White is a United States researcher who may help humans become able to colonize other planets in this galaxy Milky Way and perhaps even other galaxies. It is perhaps too soon to know. Hopefully more researchers will engage in the sort of research that Harold White is conducting. It seems that it will be good when humans become able to and start colonizing extrasolar planets. Support efforts to colonize other planets.