Support Life Extension Research to Hopefully Increase Life Expectancy

Research can produce all sorts of wonderful advances in technology. If aging was eliminated, this would be a good use of research and technology. Sometimes, research can lead to unexpected positive consequences. Sometimes, research results or discoveries from experiments can seem useless in one context, but when re-examined at a different time can yield surprisingly positive results.

One could perhaps live forever and never be bored of living. Life can be creative and creativity can be unlimited in ideas. There are an infinite number of ideas. Reality can take an infinite number of different forms. These forms can be entertaining indefinitely it seems.

Some might argue that they would not want to live indefinitely because they would simply become bored. Well, they do not have to be bored, since creativity can allow for the creation of an unlimited amount of ideas. Humans can co-create together and be creative together. Life never has to get bored, ever. Living and life can be entertaining always, potentially.

It takes energy to be creative, but all humans are capable of creativity. Science could allow humans to live forever perhaps. Therefore, humans should invest in this sort of science. Death is not a good thing, if it exists at all.

Death might not exist. After a we perceive a human dying, perhaps that humans consciousness simply goes somewhere else. It could be a scientific or theological process, or both, perhaps. Life can vary in an infinite number of ways. One can perhaps study something that would allow them to research life extension. Perhaps biomedical gerontology is a good field to go into if one wants to abolish aging. If all humans could have the bodies of a 19 year old human, this might be good. It could perhaps happen in the next 50 years.

Science probably must advance significantly, but it could be possible. Humans learned to fly only maybe about 70 years before they landed on the moon. Amazing feats are possible. Science can do extraordinary things. One should do all they can to eliminate and abolish aging. Anything is possible, perhaps. The duration of the human life expectancy has increase significantly over the last 70 years, on average, and it seems it can likely continue to increase if the proper time, energy, and resources are invested into abolishing or eliminating aging.