Support Life Extension Research to Possibly Raise Life Expectancy

Support life extension research to potentially increase the average human life expectancy. Conducting life extension research would likely count as support it seems. One could perhaps find a way to volunteer one’s time to an organization which is trying to conduct or support research into radical life extension increasing the human life expectancy.

Disease is bad because it kills humans. Therefore, aging is bad because it also kills humans. No one should be forced to live indefinitely. However, it would be nice for humans to have extraordinarily long life as an option to choose. Hopefully more humans on this Earth will conduct and/or support life extension research so that radical life extension can be achieved.

Cryonics is also perhaps another worthwhile technology that is worth devoting time and energy to researching and/or supporting. This technology is one in which humans have are legally dead are frozen with the hopes that they can one day be revived using future scientific and medical technologies.

One way of support life extension research would simply be to donate money to organizations or individuals who are attempting to develop life extension technologies. This is a worthwhile cause, so more individuals should support it. More humans should donate time and money to these causes.

Perhaps some creative entrepreneurs could find a way to conduct research into these technologies so as to develop them, and also gain a significant fiscal profit while doing so. That might be the best combination and perhaps the fast way of helping these technologies to develop.

There is a potentially that the average human life expectancy could increase dramatically sooner than most anyone can imagine. If radical life extension is ever achieved, then humans may have to colonize other parts of this Universe in order to avoid over population as a problem. So, new methods of propulsion should perhaps also be studied and researched so that over population does not have to become a problem.