Thoughts About Being a Psychology Major

Here are some thoughts and ideas about psychology and being a psychology major. Picking a major is important, and one should make sure that one is studying a topic that will be of long term genuine interest.

Is psychology too subjective and political? Psychology might be too objective and political. Perhaps it is not a major that one should really want to choose for the most part. Perhaps there are segments and sub-cultures with in academic and professional psychology that is less political and poisonously subjective, but perhaps this is the minority.

Could truth psychology be a sub-field of psychology? Could there be a whole study of the psychology of honesty and truth? What compels someone to tell the truth? Perhaps telling the truth is a matter of character and personality. Perhaps if someone feels desperate, they are more likely to lie, if they are afraid that the truth will yield them negative results.

Psychology can affect economics. If everyone approaches buying and selling goods with an honest mind-set, it seems like that will help the economy. If everyone feels fear and lies, it seems like this could hurt the economy by destroying trust, and thereby creating a chilling effect on buying and selling.

If one is bad at math, then one should perhaps study psychology. If one is bad at math or memorization, then one might have quite a hard time being a biologist or engineer. However, despite being bad at math, one might be able to still be good at psychology. There is some math in psychology. Statistics is often a required course for psychology majors. However, there is far less math in psychology then there might be in engineering or certain other hard sciences.

There are perhaps physical risks to being a psychology major. They may develop later once one actually enters the field of professional psychology after or while obtaining an education. It seems that those in the psychological services profession have a higher risk of being assaulted by their customers than those in other profession. This probably holds true especially for those who work with customers who are involuntary customers.

So truth and lies, economics, math, and physical risks are all things that students of psychology should perhaps take into consideration. So hopefully these thoughts and ideas about being a psychology major will be useful to some students or future students possibly reading this over The Internet.