Tips for Finishing Pre Med Requirements and Becoming a Doctor

You might get better grades if your professors like you. Sometimes grading is not entirely objective. When the difference between an “A” grade and a  “B” grade comes down to a subjective judgement call, if your professors like you, then you have a better chance of getting an “A”.

One does not have to be a suck-up or a brown-nose. One can be polite and respectful while still earning the admiration of others. Some teachers might just be a jerk or be angry in life and they may not like you for a silly reason that you can do nothing about. If that is the case, then there is no sense spending any extra time or energy to gain their affection. Chances are, you could probably still do well in their class just by working hard. Unfortunately, not all grading is completely objective. So, there may be times where one’s grades might suffer some because the teacher is a jerk.

Medicine could enable humans to live indefinitely. Some researchers are attempting to eliminate aging and death altogether. If the proper technologies are developed, then humans could potentially live thousands of years. There are various research strategies that are being used in an attempt to try and have this happen. Aubrey de Grey is one scientist attempting to have this happen in a timely fashion. Support and/or conduct life extension research if it can be done legally.

Practicing medicine can be a fulfilling career. Many doctors enjoy their occupation. Practicing medicine can be a good fit for some humans, and feel worthwhile, for some. It is good for one to do something occupationally that they enjoy and find fulfilling. Ultimately, everyone must make their own decision. Are finishing pre med requirements and becoming a doctor worth it? Doctors work long hours, they can be under appreciated, and it can be stressful. If one is thinking of becoming a doctor, they should probably examine their choice closely.

Good time management skills and good self-care can help one to successfully complete these sorts of classes. Dedication and perseverance can enable one to successfully complete medicine prerequisites. The science and math subjects involved can be interesting and useful in their own right. Medicine can be a lucrative career.