What Medical Specialty Are You Interested In?

There Are Many Areas Of Medicine

If one is working on pre med requirements, there are many great medical specialties to eventually go into. If you do finish your medicine prerequisites successfully, then perhaps in the future, you will had to decide what medical specialty you want to go into. Make sure you know what you are interested in and what each potential medical specialty is about.

Find What Is A Good Fit Within The Health Professions

There are many different types and areas within the health professions. There are surgery specialties in medicine. You might have to see lots of blood and guts for these specialties. It seems there are also other specialties that involve less blood and guts. Learn all you can about the different medical specialties so that you can make in informed decision on what medical specialty you would like to pursue. Volunteer in hospitals, talk to those in the various professions related to healing the sick. One should obtain and learn all the information they can about as many different topics as they can.

If you do not think you would like cutting humans open, then perhaps pick a specialty that would enable you to deal with less gore. Just do not become a psychiatrist, because that would just be miserable for you and everyone else. Being an anesthesiology might be a good fit for someone who does not like dealing with lots of gore, or maybe just a general practitioner.

All the medical specialties can be interesting. There are areas of medicine that deal with healing all areas and parts of the body. There are doctors that specializing in attempting to heal the nervous system, the skeletal system, the kidneys, the blood, the joints, the eyes, the ears nose and throat, the bowels, the genitals, children, adults, the elderly, cancers, and so on and so forth. There are many different areas to enter into!

Maybe Do Not Be A Psychiatrist

Keep in mind that only in psychiatry might you be working with individuals who are literally forced to be there. If one works in psychiatry, there are dangers associated with this specialty. Often, locked psychiatric “hospitals” can be fairly dangerous places. Is coercion really how one should attempt to “cure” others? Dr. Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist, has written many books critical of the the enterprise that psychiatry might be. One should ready Szasz’s works if they wish to understand what may be the real nature of psychiatry. This is perhaps a blighted area of the healing professions. Some of the side effects psychiatric drugs are quite horrible, and it is not unheard of that they are over prescribed or prescribed wrongly. Psychiatry also has one of the highest rates of fraud of all specialties.

Never Give Up Before Or After Completing The Pre Med Requirements

So stay in school or go to school. Education can be a good thing in many ways. Know what each potential medical specialty includes. They aren’t all just blood and guts! One should get all the information they can. Becoming a doctor is possible. Perhaps one of the most important parts of reaching one’s goals and dreams is to never give up in striving for them. Start or finish those pre med requirements that you need so you can be on your way to entering a medical specialty that interests you.