What News Will Be In Store For 2011?

What will happen in 2011? Will China and North Korea give more human rights to their citizens? Will the world become a safer place? Will Africa become more peaceful? Will poverty decrease on Earth throughout 2011? What new technology will be released in 2011? What new television shows will be released? What new movies will be released? Will humans, on average, enjoy life more in 2011? By how much will the population of Earth increase in 2011? Will we find habitable extra-solar planets in 2011? Will some ingenious physicist figure out how to make a spaceship travel faster than light? What will 2011 have in store for humanity?

What is the purpose of news? Will it serve a useful purpose in 2011?

Will natural disasters happen in 2011? Will it be hot or cold? Will it snow much? How much more popular will renewable energy become? Will oil prices go down? Will crime rates go down? Where is your crystal ball?

What do you hope happens in 2011? What do you hope 2011 holds in store for you?