A Recent Interview With Aubrey de Grey About Reversing Human Aging

Aubrey de Grey was recently interviewed at Ward 3. So I am posting a link to it so you can read the interview if you are interested in reading it. Go read it here.

Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil suppose that if things go really well we will be able to use biomedical technology and nanotechnology, repsectively to reverse and/or eliminate biological aging in humans and other animals. This is different than immortality.

Aubrey de Grey’s reasoning is that diseases are bad because they kill humans, so we try to cure disease. Therefore, since aging kills humans, aging is bad, and we should try to eliminate and/or reverse the aging process.

Some estimates are, that if things go really really well, then we could perhaps have this accomplished in about 22 years from 2010.

In the meantime, perhaps cryonics should become more popular. If you go to sens.org you can make donations to the cause, if you are interested.