Support Vasalgel Research and Development

Vasalgel is a potential method for birth control that is likely more reversible than traditional vasectomy. It will be good when men have more methods of birth control available. The Parsemus Foundation is the not for profit organization that is spearheading the development of Vasalgel. Please do support Vasalgel research and the not for profit Parsemus Foundation.

Microscope Potentially Used During Vasalgel Research

Women already have quite a few different forms of birth control available. There are female condoms. Hormonal birth control pills exist for women. They can have their tubes tied, so to speak. There are intrauterine devices that exist as well. Women have significantly more options than men. It will be good when this changes in a positive way so that men have more options than just about two.

It will be good when men are able to take more responsibility for family planning, contraception and reproductive planning. Unplanned pregnancies can cause significant social, economic and legal problems. Enabling men to have more options for reproductive planning and birth control may help to alleviate some of these problems that can exist.

So donate money to Parsemus Foundation with the intention of helping to further the development of Vasalgel. Hopefully it will be found to be a safe, effective and reversible long acting for of birth control for men. Hopefully more potentially helpful and beneficial technologies such as this will be created, developed and invented.

The idea behind Vasalgel is based on a technology from India. The Parsemus Foundation hopes to have Vasalgel available to consumers by 2016 or 2017. Hopefully this goal will be achieved! You can learn more about Vaselgel on the website of Parsemus Foundation. Perhaps in the future, presuming it is found to be safe and effective, many adults will know about Vasalgel, and it will be thought of as sort of the male equivalent of an intrauterine device.

Contraception technology such as Vasalgel has the potential to help decrease the amount of problems on Earth. Therefore, technologies such as this one are quite worthwhile and good. So, please do support and donate money to Parsemus Foundation and Vasalgel development.