Abolish Civil Commitment

Civil commitment should be abolished. It is most often used when someone is a danger to their own self or others. Civil commitment is part of psychiatric slavery and it should be abolished. The other aspect of psychiatric slavery is the insanity defense.

If one is going to kill one’s own self, one should be allowed to. Suicide should not be encouraged it seems, and persuasion should be used to try and prevent suicides. Coercion should not be used to prevent suicide. Suicide is an ethical question. It should not be made into something that a hospital should try treat or that governments should be allowed to try and forcibly stop. Suicide should be a right, just like other potentially poor choices are ultimately permissible to make.

If someone is a danger to someone else, and if they have broken a law, then they should be engaged with the criminal justice system, not the psychiatric system. If someone has not broken a law, then they should be able to enjoy the right to be left alone. Donating to the non-profit Citizen’s Commission On Humans Rights is perhaps one way that one could help to abolish civil commitment. Hopefully, that organization will become more explicit in their desire to abolish civil commitment and if they are against abolishing it, then they will explicitly note that as being true.

Psychiatric has too much power and has abused it for far too long. Hopefully civil commitment will be abolished sooner than later. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery includes both civil commitment and the insanity defense. These are both injustices. Hopefully civil commitment will be abolished so that all hospitals can eliminate their locked, prison-like wards. The more humans there are persistently and vocally advocating for the abolishing of civil commitment, the faster it will likely happen. This is a good and constructive item to do activism for.

Suicide should be a right, even though the act may be cowardly, stupid and/or unethical. Hopefully civil commitment and psychiatric slavery will be abolished sooner rather than later. Suicide should be legal. It is not all right to use coercion and/or force to stop someone from committing suicide. Abolish psychiatric slavery, which includes civil commitment and the insanity defense.