Abstract Art Can Be Nice

This is that art which does not accurately represent form. The variation in representation occurs in many ways that include color, shape and form itself. The beauty of it all is that painters and artists use abstract art to whet emotions and bring out strong feelings that ordinary forms and object may not. Its simplicity is coincidentally its sophistication. Being a Western form of art, many people would want to dismiss it as irrelevant, but the sensitive ones know how worthy it is to include some of these works in your gallery. People have unlearnt that old discredited belief that painting has to represent something tangible; and instead learnt that as much as we appreciate music, we can never draw it on people or paint it on wall. And so is for abstract art, we may never point out objectively what it represents, but has profound effects on our holistic well-being, especially our feelings.

The Forms of Abstract Art

This western-originated kind of art has several abstract styles, and especially three forms of abstraction stand out: the cubism, abstract expressionism and neoplasticism.

To start with cubism; this is the modern kind of abstraction that analyzes the basic geometry of an object and determine what kind of painting to be done. The concept of cubism lays emphasis on illumination and color. It adheres to the thesis that everything in nature acquires its form from the cone, cylinder or the sphere. To correctly identify cubism in abstract arts, look at the likes of the greatest painter Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The period in which this form gained ultimate popularity was in the early 20th Century, and the origin could be traced back to Paris.

The other form is neoplasticism. It derives its form from the belief that painting should not be a replica of real life situations, but an expression of the absolutes of nature and life. According to artists, these absolutes are the primary colors, horizontal lines and the vertical as well. The only colors used in this form are blue, red and yellow. It gained its prominence in the period 1910-1919, and the reknowned painter of this was Piet Mondrian.

Lastly, there’s the abstract expressionism. The artist’s personality is derived from his creativity and spontaneity. The concept behind this form of abstraction is the mastery of brush stroke and study of colors.

Importance of Abstract Art

Just like any other pieces of artistic work, the main purpose of abstract art is to entertain and relieve stress. The very way it connects with the feelings ensures that it reaches to the deepest parts of souls when no human hand can. Additionally, when professionally done, it can be used as an education tool. And lastly, arts of this kind can be a great source of inspiration, to work beyond the obvious and leave an impression in life.