Attempt to Bring Peace to Earth

Hopefully this Earth will become a more peaceful place. Hopefully more humans will value both freedom and personal responsibility. Hopefully North Korea will become at least somewhat free. Hopefully all nations will cease oppressing humans. It would be good if there ends up being more peace on Earth. No one should be an aggressor towards anyone else.

Learning about self-defense and martial arts are possibly a method of obtaining peace. More humans should practice Tai Chi or Aikido. Krav Maga is perhaps a good method of self-defense. More humans should learn about self-defense. Law-abiding citizens should perhaps own guns. More humans should strive for justice. More humans should strive for peace. Self-defense is good. Violent crimes are wrong and should be prevented if possible. Practiced Aikido or Tai Chi perhaps.

Being peaceful is good in life. Self-defense is good. Self-defense can be a good way to try and bring about peace. Do not break laws. Learn about self defense. If all humans attempted to be peaceful, then The Earth would likely be quite a peaceful place to be! If there were peace everywhere, then that would be quite nice, it seems.

Peace is superior to war. All humans should seek peace.It is good to be honest and kind. It is good to seek wisdom. It is good to seek peace. Peace is good. That which is contrary to peace is not good. Experiencing peace is so much more pleasant than experiencing anything contrary to it.

Hopefully war will cease to exist on Earth. The Art of Peace is a good book to read and buy. It is good to practice Aikido. Peace is possible! There are many methods of contributing peace on Earth. Peace is pleasant. More humans should attempt to bring peace to Earth. All humans should desire and seek peace.

Peace is possible. It is good to seek peace. There are many ways for one to potentially try and seek peace. It would be good if all humans on Earth could live in peace. Learning about self-defense is perhaps one way to try and bring about peace. If all nations could live peacefully with with one another that would be good.