Using Civil Forfeiture on Innocent Adults Is Wrong

Using civil forfeiture on innocent adults is wrong. Laws should be changed so that civil forfeiture cannot legally be used on innocent adults who have not broken any laws. The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act should be passed. It was introduced to congress by Tim Walberg. Tim Walberg is a Michigan representative in United States House of Representatives. The bill will raise the level of proof required to seize property from individuals.

Unjust laws should be repealed. It is wrong to treat individuals who respect the rights of others as criminals. It is wrong to criminalize behaviors that do not directly and concretely harm others. Hopefully fewer morally deficient behaviors will occur on Earth. Using civil forfeiture on innocent adults is wrong and should be stopped and outlawed.

Hopefully more adults will become politically active. If more adults are politically active in a way that is truly based on a desire to create less injustices on Earth then there is a decent chance that Earth will become a much better place to live.

Hopefully all humans on Earth will want to live on Earth. Repealing unjust laws is a way to help make Earth a place that is more desirable to live on. Injustices decrease the chances that Earth will be a decent and desirable place to live for all humans.

The amount of injustices that occur on Earth is tragic. Hopefully all nations will repeal unjust laws. Hopefully no more unjust laws will be written, created and passed.

Clear thinking can be useful when thinking about politics, morality and ethics. There is no good reason for unjust laws to exist. Hopefully more adults will consider the common good. Injustices have all sorts of unintended consequences.

Contacting law makers can be a good way to engage in activism and to support change. Hopefully more adults will engage in political activism with the intention of reducing the amount of injustices that occur on Earth. Hopefully many individuals will speak out in support of Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act that Tim Walberg introduced to congress.