Abolish Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment

Involuntary psychiatric treatment is immoral and wrong. It imprisons innocent citizens. Psychiatrists who treat humans involuntarily should be tried for crimes against humanity, perhaps. Humans should be allowed to cease their bodily functions and brain functions if they so desire. They should never be forced to, unless they have been found guilty of a crime for which the punishment is the death sentence. Perhaps even the death sentence should be abolished.

Psychiatric treatment should be voluntary, just like all other medical specialties. Psychiatry is a scourge which modern society suffers from tolerating. The insanity defense should also be abolished. Humans should have the right to do what they please with their own body. This should include breaking the body down and making it so that no longer functions. Humans should not have a right to do what they please to another human’s body without full consent.

This Earth will be a much nicer place when involuntary psychiatric treatment and the insanity defense are abolished. If promoting misery and irresponsibility are one’s goals, then one should definitely utilize and/or encourage the utilization of involuntary treatment and the insanity defense. If one wants to create nightmares on Earth, then one should utilize and/or encourage the utilization of involuntary treatment and the insanity defense.

There are no causes of crime; there are only reasons for crime. There is no such thing as mental illness; there are only problems in living. All drugs should be legalized. Criminals should be prosecuted for violent crimes and property crimes, at least. Honest non-violent drug users and sellers should not be imprisoned. Liberty and personal responsibility should emphasized in society, rather than just liberty.

It is wrong to force someone to undergo psychiatric without their permission. It is as wrong as poisoning someone without their permission, it seems. It almost seems like that sometimes, voluntary psychiatric treatment is like poisoning someone with their permission; and voluntary psychiatric treatment should remain legal, it seems. Perhaps significantly less individuals would be utilizing voluntary psychiatric treatment if no one is conditioned to accept it through involuntary psychiatric treatment, which is immoral and wrong.

More should be done to end the injustice of involuntary psychiatric treatment. Everyone should attempt to try and abolish involuntary treatment. More activism should take place, it seems. If everyone passively accepts the injustice of involuntary psychiatric treatment and the insanity defense, then these injustices will continue.