Cool Inventions Could Include Radical Life Extension Technology

There are many possible cool inventions, one of them could be radical life extension technology. Radical life extension means to stop or reverse human aging. It would seem good if this could be created. Disease is bad because it kills humans. Aging is equally as bad, because it also kills humans equally as much as disease it seems. No one should be forced to live indefinitely, but it would sure be nice if humans had the option to do so if they desired.

Humans have the potential to experience so much gladness and joy on this Earth. It would be nice if humans could have the option to enjoy the fruits of the Earth indefinitely. Hopefully more individuals will support and conduct research related to radical life extension technology.

Cryonics is also another good technology that is closer to reality than radical life extension. Technology already exists to cryonically freeze legally dead humans. However, no technology exists that is able to revived cryonically frozen humans. This sort of technological medical advance should also be researched it seems. There are many possible technologies that have probably not even been thought up at this point in time in history. Hopefully more humans will realize that human aging is no good, and that there is definitely a potential to stop or reverse human aging using biomedical technology.

Humans might be able to develop radical life extension technology relatively and surprisingly soon actually. That sort of technology may seem a far way off, but in reality, it might not be so far off. It could perhaps be done in 20 years if the right sort of research is conducted, and if the right amounts of funding are allocated.

To make this happen sooner, one could donate money to organizations trying to make it happen, like The SENS Foundation. One could figure out a way to conduct research on their own. Additionally, it also seems that one could simply try to get the word out about the potential benefits of technology like this, so that others will hopefully support the research, promote it, or conduct it.

This sort of research and investment would be good it seems. There are many possible ways to further the cause of developing this invention, it seems. So there are many possible cool inventions, and hopefully through research, radical life extension technology can be one of them.