How To Get What You Want To Possibly Prevent A Mental Breakdown

Sometimes, humans can almost drive themselves nuts to the point of mental breakdown trying to reach a goal or get what they want. Getting what you want is not necessarily difficult. It doesn’t have to but, but it often is. Here are a few key points on getting what you want.

  • Don’t lie cheat or steal to get what you want.
  • Don’t want things that are illegal. If what you want is illegal, then either try to change the laws, or else change your goals and desires to something that is legal.
  • Know what you want. If you do not know what you want, then you may not be able to attain it.
  • Don’t give up in striving for what it is that you want.
  • Persevere in attaining what you desire.
  • Don’t break the law to get what you want. Breaking the law is not worth it. Even if you get what you want by breaking the law, it could be short lived, and you could lose it all at any time.
  • Be patient. Getting what you want and overcoming obstacles can take time. Small consistent gains can add up into large successes.
  • Consult with others! Find role models and teachers to help you reach your goals. Learn from others who have traveled a similar path to yourself.

So don’t have a mental breakdown trying to reach your goals! Be patient and don’t beat yourself up. Many small successes can add up to large success! And also, keep in mind that even if you have small or large failures along the way, as long as you are succeeding more than you are failing, then you are still moving in the right direction! Dream big, and be nice to yourself! Getting what you want is attainable, but don’t have a mental breakdown in the process.