Cryonics Can Help Radically Extend Lives Perhaps

Cryonics is the freezing of dead human bodies in hopes that they can one day be revived. This is a good thing. Research into this wonderful technology should be supported and conducted. Everyone should freeze their relatives when they die if possible. No one should be left to die without being frozen after, unless it is their express wish that their body be destroyed or be left somewhere to decay.

If more money was invested into cryonics research and activity, then perhaps this wonderful technology could perhaps become more widespread in its use. Perhaps one day all humans will be cryonically preserved after legal death. Perhaps, one day, technology will be developed to revive humans and other animals that have been cryonically frozen.

Hopefully, this technology will achieve widespread adoption sooner, rather than later. Hopefully, ever nation, state and city on this Earth will have places that humans and other animals can be cryonically frozen and preserved after they have been declared legally dead.

The more citizens and individuals that promote cryonics and research into this technology, the faster that this wonderful technology will achieve widespread acceptance and adoption. There are various groups, clubs, and organizations that are devoted to promoting and furthering the state of cryopreservation. One could perhaps become involved in these groups and clubs if one would like to find ways to promote cryonics in society.

In addition to cryonics, everyone should also support life extension research. There is research that is being conducted to find ways to radically increase the average human life expectancy. This is good research and more money should be devoted to it, if possible.

Hopefully, one day, all humans will live for thousands, or millions, or billions of years. Perhaps humanity could achieve increases in life expectancy to the point that the average human life span is trillions upon trillions of years, and ever increasing. This is perhaps thousands of years off; or, it might never happen. However, if no one tries to make it happen, then it will be more likely to not happen. If everyone makes efforts to radically increase the average human life expectancy, then it is more likely to successfully happen. There can be no success if something is never tried.