Try Not to Waste Time

Try to waste as little time as possible in life. There might be a good chance only 20 percent of what you are doing is really working for you and helping you. Try to increase this. Hopefully all humans on Earth will use the time available wisely, thoughtfully and in ways that are enjoyable and fulfilling. Hopefully all humans on Earth will use time in fruitful ways.

Tim Ferriss writes about the 80/20 principle in the book The 4 Hour Work Week. If my memory and understanding serves me, he recommends doing an analysis to figure out what 20 percent of what you are doing is creating 80 percent of your desired results, then try to just do that 20 percent. The 4 Hour Work Week can potentially be quite a useful and interesting book to read or listen to. Hopefully more individuals will read or listen to it. Of course there are probably many other good books on the subject of business.

Conversely, what 20 percent of your actions are wasting 80 percent of your inefficiently used time? Do not do those actions. Analyzing one’s own time using these sorts of principles can potentially be quite useful. Hopefully more individuals will start thinking like this when it might be useful to do so.

So do not waste time. Be efficient with your time. At least, attempt to be as efficient with your time as possible. Try to use the time that you have effectively. Another example of the above principle can apply to helping others. It might be good to look at what 20 percent of what one is trying to do to help others actually provides 80 percent of the help received by others. Often times, general principles can be generalized to other situations a great deal.

Persevere until you figure out a successful strategy in business or in whatever endeavor and goal (or goals) you are pursuing. Try not to waste time. It is good to try and enjoy life as much as possible. Working as efficiently as possible and earning money as efficiently as possible can potentially enable one to play and help others in life as much as possible. Try not to waste time.