Customers Shoot At Suspected Robbers Inside of a Restaurant

It appears that some robbers went to go take money or other items from a Denny’s restaurant. However, when they got there someone had a concealed handgun license, and started shooting at the would-be robbers. It seems the would-be robbers then fled. This seems like a good thing, in certain ways. Humans should earn money honestly, and stealing is not honest way to earn money.

Citizens can obtain concealed handgun licenses in those states in this country. Self-defense seems like a good thing. It can help to implement justice where justice might not otherwise be implemented.

It is a basic right in The United States allows for adults to own guns. It is a basic right that citizens are allowed to exercise, just like freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Perhaps of more citizens legally carry concealed weapons in crime would be less prevalent, and everyone be a little safer in this nation. It appears that the would-be robbers then abandoned the vehicle in some other area of the city.

This happened in Houston, Texas. Is the second-largest state in The United States in both population and land area. Hopefully these would be robbers will be caught, tried, and punished appropriately. Crime is not a good way to try and make a living. It is dangerous, risky, and not particularly sustainable it seems.

Perhaps even the waiters and waitresses at Denny’s should carry concealed handguns if they are legally able to and want to. It is is a shame that there is as much crime as there is in this nation. Perhaps if more individuals sought more education there would be less crime. Education can allow one to make an honest living using learn skills. However even without an education there is no excuse to be stealing from others. There are many individuals in this nation who do not even have a high school diploma who are still able to be successful and wealthy.

Laws exist to try and keep this in orderly and peaceful nation. Stealing certainly not ethical, nor his things honest. Hopefully, the states and territories in The United States that not allow for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons will change the laws to allow for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Perhaps this particular Denny’s restaurant will be a little safer after this incident. Perhaps those contemplating crime will hesitate knowing that some law-abiding citizens might be carrying concealed handguns legally and their lives may be at risk by attempting to break important laws like those protecting property.