Embrace Liberty and Personal Responsibility

In The United States, liberty is often promoted as being a great virtue. Liberty and freedom are great. However, when one freely makes poor choices, one should take personal responsibility for those choices. If one makes mistakes in their freedom in liberty, one should do what they are able to correct those mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.

Personal responsibility is perhaps under-emphasized on this Earth. The insanity defense sometimes allows one to not take full responsibility for serious crimes. If more humans took responsibility for their own actions and situations as much as possible, then perhaps this Earth would be a nicer and more peaceful place to live.

Humans should not be involuntarily treated in psychiatry. Humans who want to die are probably having lots of problems. It seems they should certainly be offered help in solving those problems if society is to remain humane. However, living should be a personal choice. Self-murder should not be encouraged, but it should not be forcibly stopped as long as one is not destroying the life of anyone else.

No-violent drug users should not be turned into criminals if they are not hurting anyone else. Humans should be allowed to experience both positive and negative consequences for their actions. Humans should be allowed to make poor choices, but encouraged not to.

Peace could become more wide spread on this Earth. Perhaps it already is becoming more widespread. However, more humans must accept personal responsibility for their own conduct and their own situation to the greatest degree possible in order for peace to be increased more quickly.

War could perhaps be abolished at some point. Or at least, long periods of peace could occur. An unusually long period of peace might be good. Perhaps eventually, humans will be able to look back and notice that a murder has not occurred in 1,000 years, or that a war has not occurred for 10,000 years. That might be a good time.

Humans have the potential to be more peaceful it seems. If humans ever wish to reach this potential, it seems that it must be done collaboratively. Accepting personal responsibility for one’s own actions is a  good start to making this happen.