Digital Sharecropping Content Silos

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I am writing this on a Saturday morning. It is 10:38 AM, according to the clock in front of me. It is a Saturday.

If 3tags is good, then this is a platform that has a potential to revolutionize economies related to Internet technologies.

Facebook is a profitable company (usually?). Twitter is at least attempting to be profitable. The point is that there are multiple companies that are attempting to earn a profit from hundreds of millions, if not billions of individual unique content (text, pictures, videos, and so forth). If Facebook or Twitter (or any site like them) theoretically earns $1 dollar from a billion unique individuals utilizing and effectively publishing on their site, then that is $1 billion dollars that could have been distributed differently if the social media companies utilized differ sets of values and ethics.

Social media companies should be benefit corporations (B Corp). Benefit corporation is a corporate structure that blends for profit and not for profit (philanthropic) components.

There are no minimum royalty laws that I know of. Should such laws exist?

3tag’s model of sharing 90% of revenue with content and value contributors may enable it to enjoy exponential growth if implimented properly.

Perhaps 3tags can be a sort of social network and collaborative media site which creatively and transparently compensates individuals for value creation.

It will be interesting to see how 3tag evolves and develops.