Libertarian Democrat Metaphorical Metamorphasis

I am turning into a Libertarian Democrat. These are my political views for the most part. I am writing this quickly and I may refine it more later. I identified as a Republican in the past. I just feel like that Republican views are so pro big business and support corporate welfare, but they do not really benefit most common citizens. Income inequality has increased to too large of a degree. It does not seem sustainable. Change will have to happen.

I am libertarian in that I believe that humans have a right to guns, drugs and death control. Supporting the right of adults to utilize death control means suicide should be respected as a civil and human right. That humans have a right to drugs means that morally, as long as an adult is being nonviolent and respect the rights of others, then they should be free to put what ever drug or substance into their body that they please. I support access to birth control. I also support access to death control.

I support the separation between religion and state. I also support a separation between psychiatry and state. Civil commitment and the insanity defense should be banned and outlawed. We should work towards reducing suicides. Ideally no one will die by suicide. However, we should only use persuasion, reason and kindness to stop adults from engaging in it. It should not be legal to civilly commit an adult and then use forcible confinement and coercion on them.

I am somewhat of a Democrat in that I support there being significant social safety nets. I would probably even vote for (or at least not vote against) a basic income. A basic income is when government intervenes so that everyone at least has a minimal income that can support basic needs shelter, food and so forth. Libertarian Democrats have the potential to help bring about a great deal of authentic peace, prosperity and abundance on Earth.

Fiscally, I think there should at least in theory be a balanced budget. I will leave it to more specialized minds than mine in certain areas to find it if there can be a balanced budget with robust social safety nets. I think that in theory, it should be possible at least. I think that more pubic money should be allocated for space exploration, biomedical, technological and scientific research.

Corruption should be eradicated to the greatest degree possible. Just laws should be enforced. Unjust laws should be changed or repealed. There are other ways that my views differ from probably most Democrats. I support gun rights more than most Democrats. I am more libertarian about guns than most Democrats. These are some of my political views. They may change some in the future. Of course, I hope that more individuals agree with me so that we can live in a more just, fair and authentically peaceful society. This what I see being a Libertarian Democrat as meaning and how I see it as manifesting.